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Why You Should Wear Protective Equipment When Painting

You may think ''I don't need to wear any safety gear, I'm only painting''.

Don't assume your safe from a little paint landing on your skin.

Paint has chemicals that can harm you, for instance, it can cause severe irritation if it lands on the skin or eyes.

It also can cause damage to your respiratory system if inhaled.

PPE (personal protective equipment) THAT YOU NEED

*Eyewear - Always use goggles or a face shield, Especially if painting above you like a ceiling. This should be a no brainer, noone wants paint in their eye.

* Mask - A dust mask or a respirator should be efficient enough. You don't want paint particles going into your lungs, that could potentially damage them.

*Coveralls - This is important to protect your skin and clothes, paint will irritate your skin as stain your clothes, always suit up.

*Gloves - Last but not least put gloves on.

Now you know why you should wear protection the next time you paint. Don't be like this guy because it makes you look "uncool"

And always if you need help with your next painting project, you can always book a pro @

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