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Changing your home electrical outlet isnt as hard as it seems. Instead of hiring an electrician, save yourself a few hundred dollars and do it yourself!

What you'll need is:

-flat/phillips head screwdriver

-Non contact voltage tester

-New 15 amp outlet receptacle

- Needle Nose pliers

- Wire Strippers

1.) TURN OFF POWER- Find the circuit breaker box and locate the breaker to the outlet you want to disable. They should be labeled but if it's not labeled then go plug a radio or a lamp and flip the breakers to see if it cuts off. When in doubt cut the main breaker off.

2.) Test The Outlet- Use your non contact voltage tester and stick in the outlet to double check the power is off

3.) Remove The Outlet- Unscrew the faceplate cover and the two screws holding the outlet in.

4.) Disconnect The Wires- unscrew the wires from the terminals or if they're stabbed in the back, pull them out.

5.) Connect New Outlet- If your wires need splicing strip them down with the wire cutters. Then take your pilers and bend all 3 wires into a hook that looks like a J. Connect the Ground (green wire) around the Green screw and tighten. Next; connect the Neutral (white wire) around the Silver screw and tighten. Then, connect the Hot (black wire) around the gold/brass screw and tighten. Last, screw the outlet back in the conjunction box into the wall and faceplate.

6.) Turn On Power- Turn the breaker at the panel box back on. Stick the voltage tester in the outlet and test to see if you have power or you can plug your phone charger in to check.

That's it! That's all it takes. This is a beginners skill level to replace an outlet.If you are still having trouble or don't feel comfortable check out our youtube page and watch the videos on how to replace.

(Disclaimer- we are not licensed electricians,please consult with one. We are not responsible for any damages and cannot/will not be held liable. This is for education purposes)

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