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Patching Drywall Holes

We all dread having to patch drywall, especially if it's your first time. Don't worry though,#mchandyhands has your back. We'll walk you through every step of the process. This is in reference to holes you see in the picture which is roughly a 2x2 foot hole. You can apply this from the size of 1x1 all the way up to 4x4 hole.

if the hole is the size of a baseball or smaller a different technique can be used.

CUTTING AND SQUARING- First thing to do is to cut back the drywall to a stud inside the wall. these are the wooden sticks in between your wall. You have to cut the drywall half way on the stud so you can screw a new piece on*Tip(Cut in a square or rectangle form). After you square up like you see in the picture, you can measure the new hole inside from stud to stud. Next cut a new piece to fit into the hole and screw onto the studs.

TAPE AND MUDDING- after the new piece is nice and perfect attach you can now tape and mud it. You mud all the line where there is a gap, make sure the area has full mud because if not it'll air bubble and you'll see it in the finish product.after applying mud,apply paper tape then take your knife and pull from side to side to get all the mud out from behind the tape which should leave the tape stuck to the wall.

FINISHING- here's where practice makes perfect, Your going to have to apply a thin coat of mud with a 10 inch knife and spread out over the patch. then after it dries you apply another with a 12 inch knife to try and feather it out.try not to leave ridges as you'll have lots of sanding to do

SANDING- after everything is dry you're now ready to sand. Make sure you get all the blemishes out and rub your hand across to check for super smoothness.

TEXTURE- youre now ready to texture,this applies only if you have a textured surface,if not your ready to paint, The most common are orange peel and knockdown.You'll need a machine to spray it on with and matching texture is difficult and you should watch our videos on how to apply it.

That's it, this is what you need to patch your drywall holes. We reccomend you watch the videos we have on our youtube page at and read this blog, that way you have a better understanding of what goes into finishing a patch. After watching our videos You'll be a drywall pro! If you don't feel comfortable taking the project on, you can book us to come out at

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