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If you suspect your toilet flush fill

valve has gone bad, you must first

identify the problem. Below are

some common causes of a bad fill


1. If your toilet runs constantly,there's a good chance the fill valve has gone bad.

2. Your toilet won't flush or the flush is weak.

3. It takes forever to fill the tank.

After identifying the problem and know that indeed it's the fill valve, you can go ahead and do

the steps below to replace it.

1. Shut off water by turning the shut off valve clockwise until it stops the water.


2. Drain the tank by flushing the toilet. Hold the handle down until you drain much water

water out as possible. Take the top off tank and use a sponge to soak up any remaining

water at the bottom of tank.

3.Disconnect the old supply line from toilet.

4. Using an adjustable wrench or pliers, remove the valve nut from the tank and lift the old fill

valve out

5. Toilets are different in sizes so adjust the height of the new fill valve an inch above the

overflow tube.

6. Place the valve shank onto the new fill valve and insert the fill valve base into the tank

opening. Push down on the valve shank and tighten the locknut as much as possible to seal

the valve. Reconnect the supply line to seal the flow of water.

7. Inside the tank ,reattach the refill tube and angle adaptor to the overflow pipe holder.

8. After all installation steps have been completed , it's time to get your water flowing. Turn on

and adjust the water supply to flush your toilet and test the installation. Allow the tank to fill.

Adjust the water level by squeezing the adjustment clip and moving the float up or down. On

some models the float is adjusted using a threaded screw sitting next to the float.

If you are having trouble installing, please check out our video @

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