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Building Your Relationships Through Furniture

I've found that being in a relationship with Matthew Cole, owner of MC Handy Hands can get difficult. Yes, he is smart, handsome AND "handy", but there have seriously been times where we cannot seem to agree on certain things. I as an artist, love to work on projects that involve creating new things and getting messy. Building furniture was never in that realm of things. It wasn't until Matt randomly said, "hey let's build a coffee table, just for fun". I thought this was just another one of his spur of the moment ideas that I always get dragged into. I was wrong. After I agreed to help him build this table, we went straight to Home Depot and purchased lumbar and wood stain. Now there was no way out of it. We had a car full of wood and a picture we had seen online for inspo. Might I say, this was the only thing we were basing our coffee table on (but that's another story). Fast forward a couple hours, and we were knee deep in this project. Never before had we been more excited about working together on something. This was the first time Matt and I had done a project like this before. Everything from start to finish was just so so so fun! We had an absolutely great time. Who knew that furniture could do that. Next time you need a relationship building activity, maybe try building a coffee table. I had never been so proud of my husband and I, we built this entire table from ONE picture. No experience, no YouTube videos, just one picture! Check it out!)

If you are interested in this table or would like to share your ideas with us, contact us at (864)323-8438 or book on our website and we will build the perfect piece for your home!

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